New Paddle Boards Coming to Wymara This Summer

It’s time to get up, stand up! It’s one of those exhilarating pastimes that lure you out of bed in the morning and beckon you all day long. Paddle boarding on the calm, clear, turquoise waters of Grace Bay Beach is so popular among our guests that we’ve commissioned our own custom paddle boards. SUP Sports, established in 2005 in sunny Santa Barbara, California, was the first stand-up paddle board store in America. Their reputation for elite craftsmanship and innovative construction made them the ideal fit for creating custom paddle boards for Wymara. Their expert design ensures that every novice or advanced stand-up paddle boarder will feel the thrill of this water sport.

Unlike surfing, it doesn’t matter your age or fitness level – anyone can try paddle boarding. This workout can help improve your overall fitness level and it’s easy to grasp, which makes stand up paddle boarding such a great workout.

Our custom, Wymara branded paddle boards will arrive at the resort this summer, and we can’t wait for our guests to start using them! Our paddle boards are complimentary for all of our resort guests, and we also have staff on hand to help you get started. Once you get your sea legs, you can consider a guided paddle board tour. These special tours offer an amazing perspective of the crystalline waters near Grace Bay Beach, the mangroves, and the ocean channels from a higher vantage point. To find out more about our unique activities and to book, contact guest services at

Plus, if you fall in love with our boards during your stay, you might even think about customizing your own! Reach out to our friend Wardog at SUP Sports for more information about designing your own custom paddle board.